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A non-profit association for companies

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The Swedish Rock Engineering Association is a completely non-profit association for companies and other organizations that operate in the fields of rock construction and mining in Sweden.

The Swedish Rock Engineering Association (formerly known as the Rock Blasting Committee) is a non-profit association for companies in the area of design, construction and operation of underground facilities and mining, as well as manufacturers of machines and equipment in the same area.

National Rock engineering and Rock mechanics conferences

The association’s main task is to once a year host the Swedish national Rock engineering and Rock mechanics conferences. The Swedish Rock Engineering Association’s activities during the past year are reported at these events. Lectures are also given on interesting subjects e.g., specific projects, technical news and research. All information is provided free of charge to the general public and members.

Our history in brief

In 1946, the large steel companies began a unique collaboration to develop materials for rock drilling. This collaboration was crowned with success. After a period of inactivity, the committee was transformed into the Rock Blasting Committee in 1957 when it was found that a forum for the exchange of knowledge was needed for the entire rock blasting industry. This has later come to include all technology related to underground construction in rock. As of 1 July 2017, the Rock Blasting Committee has officially changed its name to the Swedish Rock Engineering Association.

Rock Blaster and young tunneller of the year

At the Rock engineering conference, the prize for Rock Blaster of the year is awarded to a person who have great professional knowledge, great interest and commitment to rock blasting, good reputation and well-executed projects.



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